WBSJ Rain boots Sole Luck Support -Insoles

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Wild Bird Society of Japan (WBSJ) is a Nonprofit Organization founded in 1934 in Tokyo, Japan. The goals of WBSJ are: conservation of endangered birds and plants, expansion of the bird sanctuary, and educating people on creating environments where nature and culture can co-exist. The profits are spent on research and projects. Branches and Knots is happy to be working with this great organization.

*The stabilizer panel supports the arch to the heel and keeps your foot from excessively rolling inwards.

*3D cushion offers very comfortable arch support to receive your weight evenly, keeping your balance.

*Anti-bacterial, anti-smell properties.

*Material: Polyester, EVA, PP

Available Sizes

Ladies SM (WBSJ Rain boots size SS and S)

Ladies ML (WBSJ Rain boots size M)

Mens M (WBSJ Rain boots size L and LL)

Mens L (WBSJ Rain boots 3L and 4L)


WBSJ Rain boots

Made in Taiwan