WBSJ Rain boots Sole Luck Support -Insoles


Wild Bird Society of Japan (WBSJ) is a Nonprofit Organization founded in 1934 in Tokyo, Japan. The goals of WBSJ are: conservation of endangered birds and plants, expansion of the bird sanctuary, and educating people on creating environments where nature and culture can co-exist. The profits are spent on research and projects. WBSJ's projects go beyond Japan, to such places as Taiwan, China, and Russia. Branches and Knots is happy to be working with this great organization.


*The stabilizer panel supports the arch to the heel and keeps your foot from excessively rolling inwards.

*3D cushion offers very comfortable arch support to receive your weight evenly, keeping your balance.

*Anti-bacterial, anti-smell properties.

*Material: Polyester, EVA, PP


Available Sizes:

Ladies SM (WBSJ Rain boots size SS and S)

Ladies ML (WBSJ Rain boots size M)

Mens M (WBSJ Rain boots size L and LL)

Mens L (WBSJ Rain boots 3L and 4L)


WBSJ Rain boots

Made in Taiwan