WBSJ Rain Boots - Grey


About the Product

- 100% Waterproof

- Made of 100% Natural Rubber

- Sleek, lightweight compact design can be folded; great for travelling

- Comes with a traveling bag

- Made in Thailand

WBSJ's very stylish rain boots are perfect for active people. They are loose enough to wear jeans in the boots but fit tight on the ankle to keep from slipping off when working in muddy gardens, or walking in the swamps while bird watching. They have been specially designed to be taken off by stepping on the heel of the opposite boot-a hands-free approach.


About the Brand

Wild Bird Society of Japan (WBSJ) is a Nonprofit Organization founded in 1934 in Tokyo, Japan. The goals of WBSJ are: conservation of endangered birds and plants, expansion of the bird sanctuary, and educating people on creating environments where nature and culture can co-exist. The profits are spent on research and projects. WBSJ projects go beyond Japan, to such places as Taiwan, China, and Russia. Branches and Knots is happy to be working with this great organization.



Store boots in a cool, dry location avoiding direct contact with any heat source, extreme cold or sunlight. Do not store folded or creased.



Stop using if a rash or other allergic reaction develops.

Powdery white marks (blooming) may occur in certain conditions. Blooming is harmless and completely normal for natural rubber products.

Wipe off dirt and wash with mild soapy water after use and allow to dry naturally in the shade. Some types of detergent and sweat can cause discolouration.

Due to the nature of rubber, sweat stays in the boots and moistens the socks. Please note that this occurrence is not from leakage.

Due to the nature of the thin material, sharp objects may puncture the boots.


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*WBSJ Boots Care Tips

*How to Repair WBSJ Boots


Accessories (Sold Separately)

WBSJ SOLE LUCK SUPPORT- Insoles providing arch support

WBSJ SOLE LUCK WARM- Insoles providing adding thermal support to bottom of your feet