SDGs Goals


Leather used in yuko imanishi+ is a natural material provided by animals they hold in high regard. These animals serve people by providing energy and nutritional benefits from their meat and dairy products. These benefits are also from the work and love provided to the animals by farmers who spent their days together and touched their skin. Choosing a by-product of food production will help so many profit-oriented supply chains change the direction from raising animals exclusively for leather. Supply chain transparency is the key to improving the sustainability, environment and social standing of the leather products industry. The process of manufacturing leather for leather shoes involves a lot of water, chemicals and physical labour. yuko imanishi+ needs to ensure that there is no child labour used in the production of our leather products.

 Leather working group

 Leather Working Group (LWG) is a non profit organization headquartered in Northampton, U.K. responsible for the world's leading environmental certification of leather manufacturers for sustainable environmental performance. yuko imanishi+ proudly uses LWG certified leather in their collections sourced from tanners located in Italy, India and Pakistan. yuko imanishi+ will keep engaging sustainable sources in the manufacturing of leather shoes.