SAKEGLOW | SAKE Mask in a Jar



Sakekasu powder, a traditional Japanese beauty product, is carefully dried at low temperature without destroying the enzymes in sake lees. Kaolin clay, rich in minerals, and arrowroot powder, which improves skin texture, reduces oiliness, and gives skin a natural glow.


FLORAL: Combines the fragrance of nature's bounty with high-quality essential oils for skin (lavender, ylang-ylang, geranium) and the sweet, somewhat nostalgic scent of sakekasu powder

Sakekasu mask 70g


+ All natural additive-free cosmetics
+ Sake lees made in Japan
+ Cruelty-free



1. put 2 heaping spoons of sake mask in bamboo bowl.

2. add about 3 spoonful of water and mix well.

3. apply the mixture to the face and leave for 7 to 10 minutes, then wash off gently with lukewarm water.