Tsumugi | Vintage Silk Kimono Dress | D1-Navy

By Tsumugi
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One size fits all

Length: 46"

Width: 24"

Shoulder: 13.6"


Silk 100%


How to Care

About the Material

The material used for kimonos in Tsumugi is silk (excluding some products). As the garments are made from fabric that has been washed once and shrunk, Tsumugi clothing can be laundered at home. Silk is sensitive to rain and sweat, but with proper care, it can be worn for a long time. This page provides guidance on regular care, washing, and storage methods. Please read through.

Regarding Washing

It's recommended to hand wash using a gentle detergent suitable for delicate clothing. You can also use a washing machine with a gentle cycle by placing the garment in a laundry net.

  • Set the spin-dry time to 1-2 minutes.
  • After washing, immediately hang the garment to air dry in a shaded area away from direct sunlight or UV rays.
  • Use an iron at 110-130°C with a pressing cloth or a steamer for ironing.

Handling Precautions

If a specific area gets stained, spot wash it, then soak the entire garment in water to prevent watermarks.

  • Leaving the garment wet may cause color fading or bleeding. Hang it immediately after washing.
  • Some items may be prone to color bleeding. Especially, items dyed with blue, red, etc., require careful washing.
  • Silk can discolor or get sunburnt when exposed to UV rays. Store it on a hanger in a well-ventilated area.
  • For long-term storage, use mothballs and place the garment in a sealed bag to prevent air exposure.


Brand  紬 -Tsumugi-

Kimono remake brand【紬-tsumugi-】was started in 2020. The brand concept is 【晴れ(ハレ)の服を 褻(ケ)の日に (Hare no fuku wo ke no hi ni)】.

They remake kimonos that can only be worn on special occasions in Japan into clothes that can be worn on a daily life. Rather than making a formal dress from a kimono, they make casual clothes that anyone can buy, they aim to create products that allow many people to feel the splendor of Kimono.

The main designer Mai Yamanaka grew up in an environment where there was always a loom in the house due to the influence of textiles, which was a hobby of her mother. 

After graduating from Tokyo Mode Gakuen fashion department, fashion technology department night class, she worked at a sewing factory and an apparel company, etc., and in February 2013, she started qrosp Co., Ltd.