RUBB Rain Boots Seine - Navy

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Rubb is a brand that specializes in rain goods. Rubb rain boots are made of only the finest natural latex rubber. Natural rubber is very exotic because rubber trees only produce 30ml of latex per day, and of that only 20% actually becomes rubber.  Rubb has developed the ultimate blend of natural and synthetic rubber to make their boots exceptionally soft and smooth.

Rubb has a factory in the Philippines, and all the rain boots are made by hand with Japanese quality control. They pay special attention to detail and are beautifully finished.

The design of the boots is very simple yet stylish, and easily goes with any style of outfit. They are a little looser fit than AIGLE or Hunter boots , so that you can easily wear your skinny pants in the boots. Some of them are also packable, so you can take your Rubb rain boots in a bag with you anywhere!