PUKAlily | milk + salt SOAK bag

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a heavenly milk + salt bath with a moisturizing + slightly foaming blend of himalayan pink salt, epsom salt, goat and coconut milk. Scented with Pukalily’s unique and soothing lavender essential oil blend for pure body & soul nourishment.


Pukalily natural skincare was created from a lifelong adoration of flowers and their healing powers + scents. Since childhood, Lianne has been creating natural potions “borrowing” neighborhood rose petals to make buckets of perfume from rainwater. With a special connection to Hawaiian family and culture, many childhood memories were created collecting puka shells along the beach. The name Pukalily comes from two words, puka pronounced (pu·ka pükə), a hawaiian word meaning to appear, to emerge. Lili is her childhood name Pukalily is clean natural skincare with personality, infused with uniquely delicious aromas and a stamp of love in every creation


Made in Vancouver, Canada