Mellifera | Honey 8oz



Mellifera Bees


Transport your cup of fine black tea to the dusty spice markets of southern India as the Queen of Spices greets the Queen of the Hive with Mellifera Bees Cardamom Infused Honey.

Rich, spicy and imbued with a wanderlust spirit, Mellifera laces its wonderfully piquant wildflower honey with cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon and orange rind to create a decadent treat worthy of special occasions.


Let your first taste be unadulterated, with a generous drizzle over the tongue. Then tip heavy, dripping spoonful of this intensely sensual indulgence over pure vanilla bean ice cream, mancheego cheese or plain goat’s milk yogurt. In winter, lace mulled wine and rum cakes with the evocative flavours of monsoon country.


**Made in Brithish Columbia, Canada