We now carry Evolatree Sunglasses!

We now carry Evolatree Sunglasses!

We are so happy that Evolatree sunglasses have been so popular! Evolatree is based in Vancouver and we love them because all their sunglasses are made with natural materials. They also have UV 400 protection.

These frames truly look and feel like wood, without the need to cut down trees. Uniquely designed to emulate wood sunglasses frames. Our frames are specially cut from natural colored Cellulose Acetate blocks and given a one of a kind finish that mimics wood grain and texture. The frames are lightweight, durable and non-rigged, offering a slight flex. Nose pads and ear pads are also given a smooth finish to ensure comfortable wearing throughout your day. UV 400 Protection Lenses insure your eyes have all the protection you need from the suns harmful UV rays. Vision with the gradient shaded lenses is exceptionally sharp and crisp, offering you a quality wearing experience.

  • High Quality Gradient Lens
  • Non-Polarized
  • UV 400 Protection
  • Lens Width: 50 mm
  • Bridge: 22 mm
  • Cellulose Acetate frame
  • Frames look and feel like wood
  • Petroleum Free / Non Plastic Frames
  • Case and Cleaning Cloth Included*


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