Vancouver Folk Festival 2014

Vancouver Folk Festival 2014


Hi there! Yes we went to the 37th Annual Vancouver Folk Festival at beautiful Jericho Beach!

The weather was kind of iffy, but we didn’t have a major rain fall at all, probably the great energy that everyone brought to the festival and the ocean wind helped pushing the dark clouds away.

Also the iffy weather definitely did a favour for us; people were way more willing to try on our WBSJ & Rubb rain boots. We have intensive rainy days in winter here in Vancouver, but still rains quite a bit here and there even in summer. Probably the weather during the event just reminded people that rain boots are a year-round necessity in this city, then these WBSJ & Rubb’s packable rain boots were a big hit!

Well, packable and light, can be easily packed away in their back pack, these rain boots were just so perfect for the festival where the grass was wet. Once someone start wearing them more people came to visit our booth, saying “I saw a lady wearing awesome rain boots and heard you sell them!” – Oh this is the word of mouth, I truly understand the power of it now.

Another thing we noticed during the festival was, there was a lot of gents noticed WBSJ & Rubb packable rain boots and amazed by the practical design, then they noticed how well made the boots were once they touched. The boots are very popular for men and ladies in Japan, however just because the brands are new in Canada, we didn’t know what to expect for men in Canada. Now we know that the product attracts both genders in Canada too!

IMG_5663  IMG_5659

Combined with our clothes line and unique accessories like JHA wacthes & Pylones rings, we’d stand out from the rest. There was a swarm of people in front of our booth even though we were still setting up, and the big pile of our business cards was completely gone in the 3 days, so we had to point at our store sign and ask people to google us.

Our another signature brand Regetta Canoe samples are now down to 4 pairs from more than 20 pairs. As we only had a limited size range there were many many people out of luck this time. DEAR RETAILERS, please note that there is a HUGE DEMAND for this brand! Don’t miss out for our SS15 collection, we will be at Toronto Shoe Show and Vancouver Shoe Show!


Lastly, I’d also like to introduce our very talented neighbours! This mystic orange creature was absolutely a highlight in our alley. The body painting is done by Natacha Trottier, the head piece that expresses passion is made by Scheherazade Banoo Designs, and the paradoxically beautiful bone jewellery is made by Brutally Beautiful. Their products are natural beauty to me, because they express the conflicting elements; male & female, evil & elf, savage & fragile, etc etc. We all live with this conflicting forces and a lot of times we just try to ignore the dark side, but you’ll never know the true beauty unless you accept things for what they are. We are all complex creature. I admire for what they do, their creativity is fearless.








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