Sunset Beach Social 2014

Sunset Beach Social 2014


On July 11th/2014, Branches & Knots was out at Sunset Beach Social.

Sunset Beach is a beautiful home for this event that features Vancouver’s top 20 food trucks, art market vendors, outdoor roller disco, live music, etc etc. The event gets packed by locals to enjoy what Vancouver has to offer.


People on the seawall love walking, they must love comfy shoes too! As we knew, Regetta Canoe grabbed attention as soon as we put them out. They got picked up, tried on a number of times. Even though we had one sample size only on each styles, none of our customers looked disappointed. Along with the several lucky Cinderellas, the rest of people who didn’t fit took the product information and looking forward to see Regetta Canoe in stores!

IMG_5533_900  IMG_5534_600


Our clothing line is also very popular to a wide range of age group. We carry clothes that are well made, reasonably priced, versatile, simple but with a twist. All clothes we carry come from Japan, usually clothes designed in Japan have a few unique features in one. For example, a top can be a skirt, a bolero turns to a pull over sweater and so on. There are so many unique ideas put into the products, that I feel the urge to write about… hm, this could be a subject for the next article.

Anyways, our clothing line is also available for wholesale too, so dear retailers, please contact us if you are interested!

IMG_5510  IMG_5536

Our next sale is at Vancouver Folk Festival, please come by when you take a little break from dancing!

See you soon!


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