“Spring Stripes!” – F&F Sale April 2014

“Spring Stripes!” – F&F Sale April 2014

It was such a beautiful weekend, flowers everywhere, nice breeze and the sun. Thank you so much everyone for choosing to enjoy this beautiful weekend with us!

The theme was “Spring Stripes!” we had various stripes that would add colours to your Spring wardrobe, and  Rubb Rain Boots FW14 Collection Sample Sale!

Rubb Samples
Rubb FW14 Collection Sample Sale


Have you heard of “Jody’s Naturals”?

We had to have this all natural, vegan soap made in Victoria BC. As the spring breeze carried flower scent, we had to have  something similar in our store too! Oh My, the store still smells amazing! All ingredients are chosen carefully, every kind has its purpose. All are made with love.

For more info:

Jody's Naturals - Charcoal Complexion Bar
Jody’s Naturals – Charcoal Complexion Bar


Our friend Aya joined with her colourful accessories “Amrita Designs”, of course made locally in Vancouver BC. Aya makes bags and accessories with fabric from Japan, and what we love about her products is the cutest linings, in fact, a lot of her bags are reversible. Cute, colourful, practical… what else can you ask for!?

For more info: Amrita Designs –

Amrita Designs - Colourful Pouches!
Amrita Designs – Colourful Pouches!



snap shot of one of her bags
snap shot of one of her bags


One more beautiful addition to our F&F Sale is Japanese porcelain table wear brand “Miyama”. They are amazingly thin; you can see through the light! It takes a lot of skills to make them this thin, but the cup itself sits on the table so effortless. The Miyama Brand shows very much classic beauty of Japanese Art.

For more info: Gemliving Design –

"Minamo" tea cup
“Minamo” tea cup


"Sakura" Available in Pink & White
“Sakura” Available in Pink & White


Junko made some snack as usual, and she just couldn’t resist presenting her food on this beautiful dish 🙂

For recipes ->


Carrot Salad, Rolled in Collard Greens
Carrot Salad, Rolled in Collard Greens


Thank you so much everybody for showing up, hanging out with us, and shopping! We had such a blast!


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