Enjoy the town! Regetta Canoe shoes are made for city walking. Specially designed for hard surfaces, Canoe is your best tool for getting you where you want to go. They have been meticulously developed for the most comfortable walking experience with a fun design. The unique shape and appearance go with any style and feature a unique shape that is sure to attract attention. City walkers need good balance and Regetta Canoe has created the ultimate in comfortable ergonomic design. The key is the insole which is designed to support each part of your foot. It promotes good circulation and allows you to walk for long periods without getting tired. The outsole fits the natural rolling motion of your foot which helps you to walk correctly and improves your posture. The anti-slip trail sole is perfect for outdoors. Regetta Canoe shoes are proudly and professionally crafted in Osaka, Japan.



Regetta Canoe



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