Neitra Sunscreen☼

Neitra Sunscreen☼

WE LOVE THE HEALTHY BOOST OF VITAMIN D THAT MOTHER NATURE PROVIDES THROUGH SUNSHINE, BUT IT’S IMPORTANT TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM HARMFUL UVA/UVB RAYS. Make Neitra’s Sunscreen part of your Sun-Safe Routine this Summer! Their Organic Coconut Oil not only has a natural SPF8, but it also infuse it with Organic and Locally Grown Calendula which boosts it’s anti-inflammatory properties too. Sweet Almond Oil is not only high in Vitamin E, which protects and rejuvenates the cells of your skin, it also has a natural SPF6. Olive oil has been known for centuries to be incredibly moisturizing but did you know it also has a natural SPF8 as well!  Ingredients: organic coconut oil infused with locally grown organic calendula, sweet almond oil, olive oil, organic beeswax, non-nano zinc oxide, and love…that’s it! #branchesandknots #neitrabodybotanicals #vancouver #locallymade #lovesonshine #beauty

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