Main Street Car Free Festival

Main Street Car Free Festival


We had Friends & Family Sale at our East Vancouver office several times so far, and finally, Main Street Car Free Festival/2014 in Vancouver, BC was our first pop-up store in public! Regetta Canoe, Wild Bird Society of Japan (WBSJ), Rubb, Mizutori, and Pylones… all our signature brands lined up, and our clothing line from Japan added uniqueness to our store.

anyways… WHAT A DAY IT WAS!

The day started with crazy rain storm, we had to protect our merchandise hoping for the rain would be gone soon, however the rain kept hitting the streets so hard, as many vendors packing up, our patience paid off after good hour and half.


Maybe I should have thanked for the bad weather more than I actually did, our rain boots brands Rubb and Wild Bird Society of Japan(WBSJ) received much attention. People were so impressed how cute, light and practical they were which is Japanese brands’ spécialité. They were very surprised to see how small WBSJ boots can be, and Rubb’s sturdiness but being so light and flexible at the same time. These rain boots will be available soon at Make VancouverMuch & Little, Gatley, Jack & Jill, Zig Zag Fashions and more, we will full update the retailers list soon!

Super comfortable Regetta Canoe sandals were popular to wide range of age group. They are simply perfect for Vancouver, or anywhere that has a city life and nature close by. Just one pair can cover most of summer activities without looking too outdoorsy. How many times I heard “Never seen/felt shoes like this before”, or “Wow they are so different” during the day, but their amazement did not end. Once people put the sandals on, the sandals didn’t look crazy big on the foot at all (which we thought that could be a customers’ concern), they actually complimented many different body shape. Regetta Canoe is the brand that can cater to wide variety of people and still allowing to be unique.

Mizutori Geta Sandals are just so beautiful. You can tell they are all hand crafted just by looking at them, and be amazed how comfortable they are, you will feel positive energy from the natural wood too. Well, if I can feel, you will definitely feel too! Mizutori geta sandals stimulates Tsubo and effects on good  circulation. These health benefits are verified by Shizuoka University, Japan. Mizutori is available at Much & LittleGatley and Branches & Knots Online Store in Canada at the moment, if you know any shops in your area that have love for artful products, please let us know, we will contact them!

As we being a wholesaler, we will be showing all these shoes at Toronto & Vancouver Shoe Show this summer. Dear retailers, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or for an appointment, we will be very happy to hear from you 🙂



Another thing that came into everyone’s attention was Pylones Glass Rings from France. They are hand blown in Paris, it’s got coloured water or beads inside that comes in many different colours! For more colours and shapes, please visit Branches & Knots Online Store!


Our next sale even is June 26th/2014 Sunset Beach Social, come check us out!







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